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|26 Mar|2 mins

It’s Cool To Be Kind – Here’s How

Forrest Gump was onto something. 

As this year opened, we threw NY Resolutions around over dinner. Some of us had every intention of keeping them, while others knew they wouldn’t last a day. ‘Drink less.’ ‘Quit sugar.’ ‘Run more’.  And then came: 

‘Be kind.’

It was the only resolution we can remember from that particular dinner party – and there were 12 people, complete with resolutions, at the table. (Sigh. Those were the days.) 

‘Be kind’ – unlike the others – was a reminder to ‘be’ rather than to ‘do’. To be mindful, to watch the way we walk through this world of ours, and to do something that makes someone else’s world that little bit brighter.  

As every day brings a new challenge, we’re adopting her mantra as her own. Here’s just a few of the ways we’re putting it into practice on the daily – join us. 

Order in 
Continue to support your local cafe and restaurant by ordering home delivery. Lots are offering ready-to-freeze meals too, and even takeaway wine, so now is the time to stock up. Check out our go-to list here. Washing up is overrated anyway. 

Make a connection 
Check in with your family, your friends, your neighbours. Text, call, email, smoke signal, the choice is yours. It’s physical distance, not social distance, that saves lives. So yes, it’s totally fine to FaceTime, unannounced. 

Reach Out 
But what about those not already in your phone? Drop a note in your neighbour’s mailbox, leave a sign in your building’s foyer, even post in a local Facebook group – do they need a hand with their groceries? Their dog walked? Or maybe they just need a check-in phone call every now and then. Or, if it’s you who needs help / a chat / cheering up, reach out. Turns out, you can make friends in iso. 


Practise your handwriting 
If you’re looking to cut your screen time, why not revive the not-so-lost art of letter writing? If you’re short on stationery, get creative. Send articles you’ve loved and torn from magazine with your letter in the margin, or use an old photo as a postcard. Easy. Or, the Home Instead Pen Pal program connects you – through their network of carers – with an elderly person in your area. This is the perfect way to reach out. Plus, it’s all done by email – so you don’t even need stamps!

Pay it forward 
If you’re able to, why not pre-pay services with businesses who are doing it tough? Think: your beautician, your personal trainer or your local pool. 

Clean out your wardrobe 
Did you know Australians discard 23 kilograms of clothing per person every year? That’s six tonnes of textiles and clothing contributing to landfill every 10 minutes. Give your clothes another chance and help someone in need – it’s easy to do, just check our Giving Made Easy initiative

Show a little self care 
Also: be kind to yourself. Have a bath, read a book, do the crossword, watch a whole series of Netflix and don’t feel bad about it. Do a facemask, turn the music up and dance. Say nice things to yourself in the mirror and, when you’re feeling a little wobbly,  reach out. 

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If you have any more ideas on how to help each other in this time, reach out and let us know – DM us on social and we will share the love. 

Elle Glass
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